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Dear Investor Friends,

At the outset, we express our heartfelt gratitude & thank you for all your support throughout our journey in this business. It would not have been possible without your support to reach where we are today. The reason why we are writing to you today is that there has been a regulatory change in the way mutual fund advisors conduct their business. As such, this change might not matter to you. For you, the cost of buying mutual funds will not increase. Neither do any of the services you get from us may change. What changes is our positioning with respect to you. Till now, for the services rendered to you, we were earning commission from the mutual fund companies in form of upfront commission[ Approx 2.25% ] paid each time you bought equity funds as well as trail commission[ Approx 0.30% ] till the time you remained invested in the fund. Hence, our positioning in many cases was looked upon as representing the mutual fund companies.

The proposed change intends to position the distributor as representative of the investor, which has been our core belief in your wealth management, In accordance with the new SEBI regulations, the distributor will now have to communicate to investors any upfront commission payable to distributors by the investor. Such fees will be based on investor assessment of various factors including services rendered by the distributor.

SEBI has, vide its circular dated 30th June, 2009, removed entry loads in case of all mutual fund schemes. This means that from 1st August, 2009 when you buy mutual funds, you will be allotted units for the full amount of payment you make. Earlier, with entry load at 2.25%, for every Rs. 100 invested, Rs. 97.75 was being invested in the fund and Rs. 2.25 was the load amount. The load amount was used by the fund companies to remunerate us to provide services to you & other expenses. So, abolition of the entry load brings down your cost of buying mutual funds. This will immediately improve your return by 2.25% of your investments in the first year itself.

However, this also affects the compensation that we used to receive from the fund companies. In order to continue the level and quality of the service to you, we would be required to charge you in some form.

At this stage, it is quite premature as we are working on a proper model of charging you the fees. We will soon communicate to you in this regard.

Looking forward to a continued long term association with you

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